How to write your wedding vows

By Julie Goodall

I always encourage my couples to write their own wedding vows, which at first can seem overwhelming, but with help and guidance they can do it, and it adds so much more to their ceremony.

Writing and sharing your own wedding vows is a beautiful gift to your partner, which will be treasured for always and serves as a reminder of your commitment and love for them.

It’s a chance to tell your love story, give friends and family a look into what makes your relationship tick, and a wonderful opportunity to share words from your heart with your person.

Writing your own vows makes your wedding ceremony intimate and personal. After all, you’re really opening your heart to the love of your life in front of your nearest and dearest.

If you would like to write your own vows, here are some tips to get you going.

❤️ Tell your partner that you love them

❤️ Say that you will be with them through the good times and the bad

❤️ Declare your promises and commitments to them

❤️ Share a memory or story that stands out for you both

❤️ Your vows don’t have to be serious; you can use humour if that’s what makes your relationship as unique as you are

If you would like some help, drop me a message and I can help you find the words you are looking for.

Wedding vows
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